Nabi is arguably the most sought-after courtesan of Yu HyangRu. She is known as a virgin courtesan, i.e. a young courtesan who has yet to put her hair up (meaning she has yet to "chose a man"). Won Lee has developed an obsession of being the one to win her heart at any cost. Nabi eventually becomes Danah Yu's teacher in the art of "being a woman",[1] and serves as an intermediary for Danah in trying to win Won Lee's heart.


Nabi is a very beautiful woman with long black hair and blue-green eyes. She wears a grey-blue hanbok, consisting of a jeogori (the top) and chima (the skirt), along with a red robe. In her hair she has a large butterfly hair pin, likely reflective of her name (Nabi means butterfly). Occasionally she carries a fan.



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Season 1Edit

During the city's moon festival, Nabi saves Danah Yu from being carried off by a nobleman by throwing a fan at his head. When she offers a mocking apology, the nearby Won Lee finds her words hilarious, angering the nobleman to the point of striking Nabi across the face. She tells him that it is more important to be a human being than to be from a noble family. When Won Lee cackles at her comeback, the nobleman tries to attack him. During the ensuing fight, Nabi pulls Danah from the crowd and leads her to safety on an empty street, leaving her there.[2]

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit


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