New on this wiki as of April 2016

Hello everyone,

Since this wiki was abandoned since around 2014, and Spottoon picked up Twelfth Night for English translation, I decided to take over as the new admin of the wiki. Previous visitors might notice that names have been changed from the fan translation (e.g. "Yi Hwi") to the official translation ("Hwi Lee"). The name of the wiki has also been changed from "Twelve Nights (Manhwa) Wiki" to "Twelfth Night Wiki".

I've updated the character infoboxes to use portable code that looks clean in both desktop and mobile view.

Summaries in the Episodes article as well as related articles will be updated as they are released on Spottoon. As of now, it's up to Season 1, Episode 23.

I hope everyone finds these changes acceptable, and hopefully this wiki will help bring new fans to this beautifully-drawn webtoon!